Things I’m working on / in press

  • Brainer, Amy. “‘To have security, to have access to life’: Queer ambivalence at the borders of marriage and the nation.” Forthcoming in Excluding Diversity through Intersectional Borderings: Politics, Policies, and Everyday Experiences in Europe and Beyond, edited by L. Merla, S. Murru, G. Orsini, & T. V. Juros. Springer.
  • Brainer, Amy. “Queer bat signals: Families of origin and choice under social distancing and lockdown.” Forthcoming in Families as They Really Are (3rd ed.), edited by V. Rutter, B. Risman, & K. Williams. W. W. Norton & Co.
  • Brainer, Amy. “Queer marriage migration beyond the couple: Families of origin in matters of the heart and state.” Paper presented at the Association for Humanist Sociology, Mexico City, November 2022.

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